Dreaming Gods and Dreaming Titans FM - Game Over [5/24] - Bellerophon and Pegasus Win!

Who will prevail? Who will fall? The answer is in your hands.


Dreaming Gods and Dreaming Titans FM - Hosted by @Marshal and @SirDerpsAlot, with @Icibalus on flavor duty


  • Follow the global forum rules
  • Folow the Forum Mafia and Forum of Lies rules
  • If you haven’t posted in 36 hours you will be prodded for activity. If you don’t respond to that prod you will be force replaced or modkilled.
  • Do not use big text. That is reserved for hosts.
  • No Editing or Deleting posts
  • Do not like posts if you are dead


  • Days are 48 hours long. Nights are 24 hours long. The deadline to submit actions is 1 hour before the end of the phase(or until plurality would happen in the case of day abilities)
  • Executions are Plurality and Majority
  • There are no logs
  • Game is limited feedback
  • To vote somebody, do /vote [Player]. No other format will be accepted

Game Mechanics

  • This game is not bastard, but may have bastard mechanics. The OP, the Hosts, and your Rolecard will never lie to you
  • The 2 main factions are Olympus(town) and Titans(Mafia)
  • There may or may not be anticlaim mechanics
  • There may or may not be neutrals
  • There may or may not be lost wolves
  • A player’s flip will never be false. It may, however, be cleaned or redacted.
  • There may or may not be effects that alter investigative results
  • There may or may not be dead interaction
  • There will be no vanilla roles
  • Both the Titans and Olympus will have dreaming gods. These dreaming gods will have a list of choices that can have varying effects on the game. There may or may not be other dreaming gods.
  • Flavor will be alignment indicative. All non-Olympus players will be given flavor safeclaims.
  • The win condition of the Titans is to Defeat Olympus and any neutrals that stand in your way. The win condition of Olympus is Defeat the Titans and any neutrals that stand in your way. Any neutrals, if they exist, will have their own win condition.

Action resolution order

Paranoid Gun Owners
Strong-Willed Actions
Bus drivers + Redirectors
Investigations/Misc abilities


  1. Geyde Evo Died Night 3 - Prometheus: Titan JOAT/Inventor
  2. Apprentice
  3. Italy
  4. PKR Executed Day 1 - Gyges: Olympus Voyeur
  5. Estel Died Night 2 - Tiresias: Olympus 2-shot Tracker
  6. clonedcheese Died Day 3 - Ephialtes: Titan Rolecop
  7. Intensify
  8. Crichard564 ZoneQ11
  9. TheBlueElixir
  10. an_gorta_pratai Died Night 1 - Theseus: Olympus 1-shot Gladiator
  11. Centuries Died Night 4 - FLIP CLEANED
  12. Appelsiini Died Day 3 - Daedalus: Olympus 2-shot Bus Driver
  13. Wazza
  14. Ash Died Day 3 - Antigone: Olympus Suicide Bomber
  15. Sulit Executed Day 5 - Otus: Titan Roleblocker
  16. TornadoX Vulgard Died Night 3 - Silenus: Olympus Strong-Willer
  17. ModeShifter
  18. MaximusPrime Executed Day 2 - Meleager: Olympus Odd-night Bodyguard
  19. KyoDaz Died Night 3 - Hyperion: Titan Vanillaizer
  20. Bluestorm Leafia Executed Day 3 - Odysseus: Olympus 2-shot Alignment Cop
  21. Mist Died Night 1 - Orpheus: Olympus Roleblocker
  22. Light Executed Day 4 - Kronos: Titan Dreaming God
  23. TrustworthyLiberal
  24. Hippoyeetus Died Day 2 - Atlas: Titan Right Hand Man


  1. Vulgard
  2. Ami

Thread Milestones

End of Day 1/Start of Day 2
Day 2 - Hippoyeetus has Died!
End of Day 2/Start of Day 3
Day 3 - ash4fun and Appelsiini die
Day 3 - Clonedcheese has died!
End of Day 3/Start of Day 4
End of Day 4/Start of Day 5
End of Day 5/Start of Day 6


Game starts 2020-06-19T17:00:00Z.

Do not talk yet, game has not started


The Titans have been released. Nobody is quite sure how, but the fear of the return of Father Time, killer of the sky itself, has spread across the world, as the sky darkens for a second Titomachy. Even when the great storm giant Typhon ripped Zeus’s tendons from his body, leaving the king a shattered husk, the fear has not reached the point it is at now.

Because the heroes are back, too. And all fear the hubris, the great harmartia, the man-killer.

Speaking with relative clarity, the Oracle of Delphi hastily spoke these words to the messenger, and promptly died.

The news spread to this group at the City Dionysia at the beginning of a play. And they turned to each other, noticing that it was not just the actors wearing theatrical masks. The travellers set out, knowing their purpose. To fight for or against the gods, once again.







Can we talk now?

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Day 1 has started and will end in 48 hours at 2020-06-21T17:00:00Z

With 24 players alive, majority is 13. You may now post.

hello gamers

first ping gang

Yeah I’m tired of losing at Mafia so I’m just going to post Alice’s day 1 post from Insurgency just do what she said

Also I’m just gonna add that

Having a heated gamer argument doesn’t make you lock town
Let’s re evaluate reads at least once a day
If you have a read on someone say it, even if it’s contrarian
Push your reads and actively use your vote
I’m locktown

So for a NAI opening I’m planning on creating a plan for us to improve the villaging bar and to avoid the mistakes that happened in JJBA and Anime and instead we’ll play this like NDFM, so in short, here’s what we’re going to do.

A) We are going to create a shots list and stick to it.

I don’t mean blindly adhering to it without re-evaluating, I mean that nobody here is going to hero shoot as it overwhelmingly kills villagers and gives the wolves an excuse to shoot in the towncore. We’ll be periodically re-evaluating our reads and whatnot throughout the match.

B) We are not going to slank.

Anyone who has a very small postcount will be automatically added to the shotlist as we can’t read slankers. This is one of the main reasons why we had way too many villagers in the shotlist in Anime FM as it allowed the actual wolves like Ici and Lendun to hide behind the lowposting villagers.

C) We are not going to mechanically clear people.

Unless you’re an IC, a mason, or greenchecked, then mechanics will not clear you. Wolf-aligned trackers can exist, wolf-aligned double voters can exist, wolf-aligned gladiators can exist. Point is, we’re not going to do like in LotR where we cleared two wolves for being a double-voter and a medium. So your doctor claim will not take you out of the shotlist.

D) Everyone will make reads in the first day.

Same reason as B. The bar to village here will be raised in order to make the shotlist as accurate as possible. I will not accept meta defenses here where you will be excused from making reads just because you don’t typically do them regardless of your alignment. If you can’t name your top three villagers and top three wolves at EoD1 and give a reasoning why, you’ll go to the shot list.

E) We will not claim for no reason.

Unless you’re an IC/Mason under pressure or a cop with a redcheck, then don’t out. We have no idea how is the anti-claim mechanic this match so in order to minimize wolf KP or prevent them from circumventing our night actions then we’re not going to claim nor make night plans. Just check nulls, protect the towncore, and vig in the shotlist.

F) Vigs should follow the shotlists as well.

Ideally Vigs should shoot the CW of a mislynch wagon, but if this is not applicable then just shoot in the shotlist. Don’t hero shoot a consensus village as this is what caused the town to lose SFV.

G) Everyone should have a vote cast by EoD.

Ideally we have this for better analysis of wagonomics.

F again) For the Mafia :wink:

tl;dr - Let’s actually play well this match.



im gonna go till something interesting happens bye

fucking hell tbe did we do the same thing

flavor posted btw

/vote sulit

last played game and whatdya learn

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hi hello peoples
quick thought about flavor
aren’t all gods and titans technically “immortal” and therefore bulletproof and exeproof :stuck_out_tongue:
neverending game let’s go


FoL 28

OMGUS everyone

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Vote Count

Accused Voters Votes
sulit TheBlueElixir 1/13
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