FAM Thread 1 (Day 1)

Welcome to FoL’s Annual Mash!

Hosted by @Chloe, @DatBird, @Geyde, @Arete, and @osieorb18

Host account: @FoLAnnualMash

Big thanks to Marl and Firekitten for their moral support.


Follow the Global Forum Rules as well as the Forum Game Rules

Flavorclaiming is not allowed. More information can be found farther down.

What is FAM?

All roles are custom-made, and will be designed based on the players who join the game. You may even get lucky and roll yourself! Everybody will have one or more ability/passive; nobody will be vanilla.

This game will feature In-Thread-Attacks (ITAs). Along with this, there will be events in which you can earn prizes (or death)!

There will be at least two factions - Town and Mafia.
Third-party roles (neutrals) may exist.


  • Both majority and plurality are in effect.

  • All votes must be in the form of **/vote [player]** to be considered valid, and all unvotes must be in the form **/unvote**. After voting in the main thread, send a link to the post in which you voted in the voting thread, or will not be counted.

  • You may self-vote. Along with this, no-elimination is a valid vote, and may be hammered to end the day early. In cases where no-elim and another vote are tied at the end of the day, no-elim will have priority in the rand.

  • Tied votes will result in a player being eliminated at random from among the tied players.

  • MyLo (mis-eliminate and lose) and LyLo (eliminate or lose) will not be announced, and votes will not be locked.


  • Days are 36 hours and nights are 12 hours. In the instance the day ends early due to majority, the Night phase will be extended to begin at a consistent time.

  • Deadline to submit Night actions is 2 hours before Night ends.

  • Deadline to submit Day actions is 1 hour before Day ends, unless specified otherwise.

  • Barring the potential existence of janitors, flips will always be true. Rolecards will not be fake. Conversion does not exist. Game-ending jesters do not exist.

  • Other than the above, everything is on the table (:

  • We will be following Natural Action Resolution. If there are any major issues with NAR, Reasonable Action Resolution may be utilized. (We don’t expect this to occur)

  • Should the main thread reach 9k posts, a new thread will be created.


  • Every day starting Day 2, there will be a single ITA window that begins 6 hours after SoD, and ends 6 hours before EoD. During this period, you may submit an ITA by typing some variety of **/ITA [player]** and pinging the host account: @FoLAnnualMash

  • ITAs have a base accuracy of 10%

  • Do not attempt to ITA if you are out of shots. If you shoot a dead player, your shot will be refunded

  • If a player is protected from an ITA, the feedback will be ‘Hit! Nobody died.’ Otherwise the feedback will be a death, or ‘Miss!’

  • ITAs will be disabled after a certain point. This will be whenever the hosts deem fit.

Rolecards and Flavor

Example Rolecard

‘its not fucking o???’
Town Idiot

Expert of Forum Mofoa: All instances of the letter i that you post in the thread must be replaced with the letter o. To bypass this restriction, you may post freely as long as you include an image of a cat within your post.

Eliminate the Mafia and all other possible threats to the Town.

The user is Chloe, the role name is Town Idiot, and the flavor is ‘it’s not fucking o???’ as well as ‘Expert of Forum Mofoa.’


Do not claim or paraphrase any quotes or flavor within your rolecard. Do not claim the name of your abilities or passives. You may paraphrase what your passives or abilities do, but may not repeat the text word-for-word.

The alignment of any User will be entirely random. Attempting to solve the game based on flavor is useless.

Standard Win Conditions

Town is the uninformed majority. Their win condition is:
Eliminate the Mafia and all other possible threats to the Town.

Mafia is the informed minority. Their win condition is:
You win the game if no more threats to the Mafia exist or nothing can prevent that from happening.

Other win conditions may or may not exist.


  1. @Blizer
  2. @Icibalus
  3. @Mistyx
  4. @Aelin
  5. @KyoDaz
  6. @Intensify
  7. @Marshal
  8. @Marluxion
  9. @Solic
  10. @sulit
  11. @min
  12. @PokemonKidRyan
  13. @Amelia
  14. @Nightingale
  15. @Vulgard
  16. @SirDerpsAlot
  17. @Lemonfairy
  18. @TrustworthyLiberal
  19. @Wazza
  20. @Centuries
  21. @Joker
  22. @WindwardAway
  23. @Italy
  24. @clonedcheese
  25. @Arctic
  26. @Whysper
  27. @Silviu200530
  28. @Jane
  29. @Gghana
  30. @katze
  31. @Emilia
  32. @Luxy
  33. @Appelsiini
  34. @Ami@Esooa
  35. @Hippolytus
  36. @Frostwolf103
  37. @astand@lol
  38. @an_gorta_pratai
  39. @TheLukundo
  40. @Universal
  41. @Psyx@Leafia
  42. @MaximusPrime
  43. @nutella
  44. @orangeandblack5

Dead Players

  1. @eevee - Modkilled Day 1 - Italy: Town Godfather
  2. @Firekitten - Died Day 1 - Marluxion: Town Tunneler
  3. @Tangeld - Eliminated Day 1 - TheLukundo: Imperial Passive JOAT
  1. thepigeonnyc
  2. ATNoName
  3. EliThePsycho
  4. Blitz
  1. Alice
  2. Prophylaxis
  3. Nerbins


Day 1

Event Announcement: Avatars / Voting
Event Announcement: 1610
Event Announcement: Math Is Fun!
Event Announcement: Skribblio
Substitution: lol replaces astand
Substitution: Esooa replaces Ami
Substitution: Leafia replaces Psyx
Eevee is modkilled - Italy: Town Godfather
Event Announcement: Surprising Details
Firekitten dies! - Marluxion: Town Tunneler
EoD1: Tangeld is eliminated! - TheLukundo: Imperial Passive JOAT

Day 2 - DAY 2 THREAD

SoD2: Marshal, Nightingale, and Wazza died in the night! Two NPCs have appeared!
Event Announcement: RopeStringFace’s Return
Event Announcement: Throne of Lies: Medieval Politics
sulit dies! - Appelsiini, Town ITA Nerfer
lol is shot in ITAs! - Joker, Mafia Suspicious Peddler
Intensify is shot in ITAs! - No flip
TheLukundo is shot in ITAs! - Jane, Mafia Spectator
A shot rings out! Nobody has died!
MaximusPrime is shot in ITAs! - Mistyx: Town Support JOAT
Intensify flips! - an_gorta_pratai: Town Tree
Substitution: EliThePsycho replaces SirDerpsAlot
Boat Explosion Kills Six: Amelia, Hippo, Leafia, icibalus, KyoDaz, Joker
Min is shot in ITAs! - ArcticXI: Town Ransomer
Only Whysper and Marluxion may be voted. Votes are reset.
EoD2: Whysper is eliminated and Silviu dies!

Day 3 - DAY 3 THREAD

SoD3: Aelin and EliThePsycho died during the night!
Event Announcement: Storytime
Marluxion dies! - Firekitten: Town Spankvig
nutella is shot in ITAs! - orangeandblack5: Mafia Solar Car Cult Leader
Uni is shot in ITAs - Solic: Town Time Reaper
EoD3: Appelsiini is eliminated! - sulit: Town Strongman

Day 4 - DAY 4/5/6 THREAD

SoD4: Esooa, PKR, and ArcticXI died during the night!
Vulgard dies! - Silviu200530: Town Ape Gorilla
Luxy dies! - GGhana: Town Clown
WindwardAway is shot in ITAs and TrustworthyLiberal wins!
Jane is shot in ITAs! - Universal: Mafia Enabler
Centuries is shot in ITAs! - osieorb18: Mafia Sensei
EoD4: Gorta is eliminated! - Lemonfairy: Mafia Sheepherder

Day 5

SOD5: Blizer Died during the night - Clonedcheese: Town Chronomancer
EoD5: Emilia Executed - Aelin: Town Neighborhood Strategist

Day 6

SOD6: Lemon, Mistyx, and Italy all Died during the night
GAME END - Frostwolf is eliminated!

Voting Thread

ITA Thread


Pre-game FAQ

1. When do actions lock? Can I pre-queue actions?

Day actions will lock one hour before the Day ends, unless specified otherwise.
Night actions will lock two hours before the Night ends.

We understand that ten hours may not be enough time for some people to submit their actions, so we will be allowing pre-queueing of Night abilities (as well as Day abilities).

2. Why can’t I claim certain things? What can I claim?

Every role in this game was designed around the playerlist, and created by a small group of people, whom many of you know! We want to avoid scenarios where people can get cleared simply based off of the wording, flavor, or quotes used in their rolecard because ‘that sounds like something [host] would write,’ since that’s no fun, and not fair to people who are actually trying to play Mafia.

In order to combat this, claiming is limited.

You may claim your User, which is the name on top of your rolecard. In the example below, the User is Chloe.

You may claim your Role, which is the colored title below the User. In the example below, the Role name is Town Idiot.

You may describe what your abilities or passives do, but you may not claim the name of said ability or repeat the ability’s text word-for-word. In the example below, I would be able to explain that I have a post restriction, and my typos and cat pictures are mandatory, but I cannot say the name of this passive (Expert of Forum Mofoa) or quote the exact wording of what I’m forced to do.

Example Rolecard

‘its not fucking o???’
Town Idiot

Expert of Forum Mofoa: All instances of the letter i that you post in the thread must be replaced with the letter o. To bypass this restriction, you may post freely as long as you include an image of a cat within your post.

Eliminate the Mafia and all other possible threats to the Town.

Claim at your own risk.

3. How do I ITA?

Simple! Type some form of **/ITA [player]** or **/Shoot [player]** and ping the host account: @CommunityFM3

Make it clear that it’s an ITA, or it may not be processed.

There are no ITAs on Day 1.

4. How do I vote?

We’re utilizing a voting thread to make life a little easier. In order to vote, type **/vote [player]** in the main thread, and send a link to that post in the voting thread.

You can find a link to your post in the bottom right corner by pressing the chain icon.

Or, you can click the timestamp in the top right corner of a post and grab the link there.

5. What are events?

Events are, well… events! Multiple times a day, there will be an announcement in the thread in BLUE which signals the beginning of an event.

You can earn prizes in all events, but some events come with a risk of death.

Some events are opt-in and only a limited amount of players are able to join. There will be a message in the announcement you must reply with (Usually **/in**) in order to get a spot.

Other events have an unlimited player-size, and anybody can participate!

All real-time events require stable internet access.

You may not talk (or hint) about what may be happening in ongoing events in ANY non-event chats.

6. Can I action on Night 0?

Only if your ability specifies you can.

7. What if my question wasn’t answered here?

Ask in your rolecard! Games of this size and complexity can be rather confusing, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.


Rolecards have all been sent. If you did not receive one, please PM this account.

Night 0 begins now. Actions are due two hours before Day starts.

Day starts: 2021-06-17T17:00:00Z


Start of Game Flavor

January 12, 2020

Did you hear about what happened over on Chief Delphi?

no what happened?

The mods decided to ban forum mafia from the site, in the middle of the game. We had to move to another site.

what? why?

You are vastly overestimating the extent to which they explained their reasoning
As far as I can tell it’s half because we were posting a lot and half because they thought we were encouraging people to sell their soul

well at least that won’t happen here

June 17, 2021

So, I have some news, but it’s kind of not the greatest, just a heads up.

Is everything okay, Francis?

I literally just said it wasn’t??
remember how CDFM randomly got banned mid-game?

Yeah, we had to move sites mid-game.

That was the game where you claimed Masons with sulit, right?

stop bullying me
anyways yeah that one
there are some users who want to ban FM here, too

well tell them they are loosers and should go to another site

well there are a couple of issues
first, all of them regularly play ToL
so the people who own the forum might actually listen to them
second, all of them are players from our site
like FM players

huh? so why do they want to ban FM?


Here’s an idea
We try to get them to leave the site

I’m not okay with that if it involves bullying them.

I didn’t say that
I just implied it

I have a better idea

System Message: Initiating "NoLife" Simulation.

chloe? whats happening?

It’s a simulation of all the essential features of the forum, using virtual reality tech to render it in real life
Maybe they’ll realize how great FM is, and won’t want it to die

you can’t just throw ‘virtual reality’ in front of something and make it make sense
that’s not how any of this works

System Message: Loading "Infinite Scroll"...

System Message: Infinite Scroll loaded.


System Message: Loading "Like System"...


System Message: Like System loaded.


System Message: Loading "Guns"...

What are the guns for?

there aren’t supposed to be guns
System, abort

System Message: Guns loaded.

I think someone hacked the system. Probably the people who want to shut down the forum.

this wasn’t a stupid idea at all

System Message: Initiating "Die In Real Life" protocol.

is that bad
that sounds bad

That’s the protocol to kill you if you die in the simulation.

why would u even add something like that

I was trying to test features!


It’s ok! As long as we can get out of the simulation, we can deactivate the protocol and restore people’s consciousnesses from backups.

that’s not how this works
that’s not how any of this works

Are you the one who programmed it, Arete?
The point is, we have to be able to escape.
Which requires that we disconnect the people who want to shut down the forum first.

Great, let’s do that.

There’s one minor problem.
None of us can actually act in the simulation.
So we have to make sure that the rest of the forum kicks them out. It’ll be just like a game of FM!

System Message: Scrambling avatars.

whats that mean?

Oh, that’s another feature. Essentially, it means that everyone will get the skills and appearance of another user.
Anyways, we’d better go explain it to them…


Start of Day 1

Day 1 has begun and will end: 2021-06-19T05:00:00Z

Actions submitted in the final hour of the Day will not be processed.

Both majority and plurality are in effect. With 47 players alive, it takes 24 to reach majority.


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Democracy is a flawed mechanic. We must not submit it to it. Rather, we must rise against it. To do so, I shall be taking over as the President, King, Emperor, Dictator, Head, Consul, Mayor, Supreme Leader, Pope, God, Deity, Overlord, and Sovereign of this Town.
We must overthrow this current corrupted system of “voting” and take power away from the people to give me complete control over everything.
I shall manage all affairs of this town. This includes executions, actions, and events.

I declare that today, there shall be no executions. All people of this fine Town shall be given time to pledge their loyalty towards my rule. Uniting the people under my leadership is our top priority. The act of killing an innocent townie will not happen.

/vote no execution

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A quick note about FM theory and how I will play this game. Note that the arguments and facts presented here are indisputable, and that I will not engage in arguments about them, because those arguments are you wasting everyone else’s time about meta that is well and comprehensively established. Go make reads so we can read you.

I’ve reflected on my role and realized that there is a GOAT play for me in this game, and therefore I am compelled to pursue it. I am going to brute force my clearness immediately upon the opening of the thread.

I am hard-claiming, and I will never be rescinding. I am an ALIGNMENT COP. When it becomes prudent I will provide my check.


  1. I will survive tonight: I do not believe the wolves are able to kill me tonight, because it is so objectively unlikely that I would ever do this as a cop. I believe that this decision reduces the importance of the PR cover to be provided by all of you to the point of it being negligible. The wolves have already been outplayed, as it were.

  2. I’m lock clear: All of you already know I’m lock clear, because it is so objectively unlikely that I would do this as a wolf. You know this for at least two reasons. First, this is the easiest, lowest-stress, lowest-demand game to wolf in that I’ve ever played in (except for turbos). I have no need to complicate my life, as a wolf, by open-claiming on thread open, when all I have to do is provide like a C-level wolf game to probably win. This is the rare instance where you literally know that I have a billion other options as a wolf, AND that I would pursue probably ALL of them before pursuing this. Second, I engage in FPS exceedingly rarely, which necessarily means that I know that this will look WEIRD and SHOCKING to you. There is no merit to a wolf play that instantly generates WEIRD and SHOCKED responses that I would be obligated to finesse and manage for the remainder of the game. As a villager, which I am, the burden is totally on you to not mess up and yeet me. Makes my life super awesome.

  3. There are only 45 players you need to try to read, rather than 46: I have already provided a “free” check of me in a game with a mere 47 players. Our win equity is dramatically improved by my being entirely off the table for the entire game.


The burden of sound reasoning is now entirely upon you. I am a cop, and thus a villager, and thus lock clear. The game is immediately simpler than it would otherwise have been, because of my decision. Now, let us enjoy that benefit and win the game.

Also, to preempt a lengthy and pointless discussion.

It is NOT dumb to ponder this post and convince yourself of its wisdom. That is your obligation as a villager, and I encourage you to think it over for as long as it takes to quell your (initially valid but ultimately unnecessary) concerns.

It IS dumb to, AFTER doing that pondering, conclude that I’m “neutral” or “wolfy.” That is legitimately stupid, and I won’t entertain it. ONE of the reasons it is a stupid conclusion is that the upside of this play as a wolf is absolutely DWARFED by the upside of this play as a villager. There is no equivalency between the EV gain for wolf-me in this position and villager-me in this position. They’re universes apart. That means I wouldn’t DO the poorer option of the two (by extension, wolf-me also wouldn’t BELIEVE that I could convince the entire game of the truth of these assertions for the entire game, which as an end-game wolf I would have to believe if this strategem were to be worth pursuing). A SECOND reason that conclusion is stupid is that the EV bonus of oding this as a wolf is COMPLETELY DWARFED by me baseline wolf EV anyway. Anything that complicates my wolfing life is RIDICULOUSLY stupid for me to do, given that my wolfing life is ALREADY one of the smoothest, highest expectation wolfing lives in WW history anyway. A THIRD reason that conclusion is stupid is that you would probably have to worry about being EXPLOITED by this gambit in order to get there. However, I have NEVER engaged in this, or any similar, gambit in my entire career, meaning that if there IS exploitation to be had with this play, it is in FUTURE GAMES, not this game. For these reasons, pressuring me is extremely wolfy and should not be engaged in by any villager, ever, in this game. There will be no less productive pursuit than that in this game.

Sucks for the wolves when meta is wielded this brutally, but my allegiance is plain and my strategy perfect. Get #rekt.

/vote Ailen

Insert wallpost here

shotlist spammer here

wouldn’t it be funny if you rolled town 15 times in a row lol

Why u gotta do this to me :sob:

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im mafia

if you die in the game you die for real

/vote zorua whatever she’s called here

We don’t have enough information to execute someone day 1, it’s too risky.

/vote no elimination


I will ITA anyone who ITAs a person with less than 10 people wagon regardless of the flip

/vote noelim

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Vote Program is sus